About the Author


My name is Laurie and I am the married mother of three children, all 21 and over, and I started this blog for a variety of reasons.

First, I am over fifty and have found that there are many changes that happen to women and men as they age.  As parents we have to deal with the fact that the kids are eventually going to grow up and leave home, requiring much less of our time, and so we must develop new and different interests. Then, there is also the aging of our parents, which can be stressful and challenging in and of itself.

As for my story, I started my professional life as a systems analyst, met my husband and was married in the late 80’s.  During this time I also earned a Chef certificate from L’Academie de Cuisine as I have a deep love affair with food and wine.  In fact, while living Overseas with my family, I was employed as a food columnist for several years.

However, after my third child was born, I had to quit my job as I could not afford decent child care for three (I was working part-time in any case), and my middle child has autism.  He was quite difficult to handle, even for me, and I knew a non-verbal, over-active child was not likely to get the kind of attention he needed to thrive.  So, after he was born, I started my next career as a Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA certified) and have occasionally worked as a manager in that department.  I have been in this field for 21 years and currently enjoy teaching yoga, cycling, Les Mills RPM and BodyPump, amongst other fitness formats.

My youngest child was discovered to have Chronic Lyme disease in her early teens, which is still unrecognized by the CDC.  All three of my darlings have ADD, as do I, though I go through life untreated.   I am also a 21 year Roman Catholic convert which has helped me through many a trial. I say that as it is a part of who I am; however, having said that this blog is for everyone! As a family, we have had many challenges.

I have much to say regarding all these topics and wish to weave them together into my blog.  I hope people will read, comment, and enjoy what I bring to the table.  My goal is to post 1 -2 times a week on the above topics.  Here is to the joie de vivre!